Barrio Christmas Story – I Know I’m Early

Posted: October 6, 2012 in Children, Life, Love, Mexico, Religion, Society
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This story is true. I may miss a few facts due to memory, but the ultimate message is true. This story is about humanity, love and miracles.

It was just before our second fatherless Christmas, that the need for normalcy was paramount. My mother was anxiously awaiting her much-needed welfare check.

Once the check arrived, her plan was to pay the back rent she owed, buy food, a few modest gifts and a little Christmas tree. Then the worse happened.

The mailman was robbed. It was all over neighborhood. Social Services was going to take 2 to 3 weeks to issue replacement checks. My mother, for the first time since Carmen’s accident, was really afraid.

She tried her best to dodge the landlord. Then Christmas Eve descended upon her. She assessed the food situation. One can of Borden’s sweet milk, beans, rice,  tomato sauce and some whole milk.

She made cajeta with the sweet milk, Mexican rice and beans. There was no TV, so she sang to her 3 little kids. She played and laughed with us in the face of poverty.

I guess God decided to bless her for having such a positive spirit. Neighbors started showing up. Another single mother and her kids came first and honored us with gifts.

Carmen got a new blanket, I got a dress and my brother got a toy (can’t remember what) and my mother got a small bottle of perfume. It didn’t stop there.

Families arrived with ham, salad, stuffing, tamales and drinks galore. Just when things can’t get any better, it does. The landlord shows up with a smile on his face.

He told my mother not to worry. He said he trusted her and they can work it out. Then he proceeded to play with all the kids in our tiny, but packed apartment.

A bunch of poor people came together and shared what they had. No one in our East L.A. ghetto apartment complex felt alone that Christmas.

  1. Adam S says:

    Touching story


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