Bipolar Showdown

Posted: October 2, 2012 in Bipolar, Life, Society, women
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My mania is treating me like an unsatisfying lover! I try to reason with him, but he tired of my excuses. Mania said, Monica you have to stop taking those damn pills.

I said, but they keep you in control. Mania said, I’m not your slave and I have rights too. I told him that the real problem was his pesky cousin, Crash.

Mania told me he won’t turn on his blood. I said, your damn cousin tried to kill me. Then the ultimatum dropped like a hammer. Flush the pills or I’m out, Monica.

With tears in my eyes, I showed Mania the door. Mania said, if you want me back, you know what to do.  Fuck you, I said. Off he went, like a fart in the wind.

In their little Munchkin voices, Lithium, Seroquel, Lamectal and Zoloft cheered away. I wonder if they’re actually working.

  1. You have a vivid way of writing. I have these sorts of arguments with my cigarettes and beer.


  2. Hi sweet Coco. I read your other post about understanding why people don’t want to take their meds. It was very eye opening; it’s something every person should know. The ongoing struggle to take yours must be very difficult. With out the meds, the good times may be super good, but you don’t deserve to have to deal with the bad ones. Add mine to the Munchkin voices that are cheering you on.


  3. Okelle says:

    Mania really does go off like a fart in the wind, doesn’t it? Gives one all sorts of promises, then leaves one to crash alone with one’s life in shambles. Good for your for disobeying his directives.

    The Buddhist teachers would tell us not to fight with mania, though, because we are one with mania. Just as we are one with the other rush-hour drivers in traffic — we are all fellow sufferers. If we make friends with mania, make space for it and pay attention to it but still treat it with the firm and loving hand one uses on a wayward child, we discover its positive qualities without letting it run our lives.

    Jusy sayin’ 🙂


  4. Very thought provoking insight into mental health issues.
    I hate the PC term for my own fool monsters and prefer calling my battery draining beasts a more derogatory ‘madness’. I’m self unmedicated. I found meds had no serious side effects, but seemed to have the very serious side effect of bleeding my creativity.Maybe there is a connection between ‘madness’, as I like to call it, and creativity. I wonder how many of the troubled thinkers from art to writing to sport to philosophy to science etc etc etc would have stared into such depths on meds. I use the cathartic process of art, music, and writing to leash my demons. I’ve known my demons for so long, they are suffered friends as well as enemies. OK I sometimes have to hibernate like a hedgehog in leaves, but that’s now quite rare.


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