I may or may not get criticized for this post. Bottom line is, I don’t care. Everyone hears about Islamic suicide bombers, terrorists and the Taliban. They sadly exist. I get that.

My Muslim friends also exist. I have been blessed by their friendship, warmth and hospitality. My friend Sahar, is a good-hearted soul. She works at an interfaith retreat.

My friend Therese’s warmth and smile fill my heart every time I see her.  My friend Lena is a beacon of love, tenderness and compassion. Tears of joy roll down my face when I think of them.

I am a Christian and I love my Muslim sisters. Whatever happens in the rest of the world, I will continue to love those that are worthy of my love and friendship.

I will continue to see all faiths and non-religious people as members of the human race. I will assume the best not the worse in people. I believe there is more good than bad out there.

I am more than willing to receive the good with my arms wide open. Kindness, respect and genuine interest in different cultures is appreciated. Give it shot. What have you got to lose?


  1. Nafees says:

    where are you from actually?


  2. Nafees says:

    sorry, am really sorry, that question wasnt for ya but mistakenly written there 😦


  3. No criticism here, just an amen sister! People can be so idiotic when it comes to religion and race. I don’t know if it’s like this everywhere, but I live in a part of the country where people are constantly commenting on how every middle eastern person is a Muslim and a terrorist. Not every middle eastern person is Muslim; there are Christians, Buddhists, Atheists, Agnostics, probably even some Scientologists! And saying every Muslim person is a terrorist is equal to saying that every American is a serial killer because of people like Dahmer or Gacy. It is amazing how quickly they forget that America has its own religious fanatics! I can’t be the only one who remembers what happened in Waco, TX and the Branch Davidians, can I? Of course, it’s a sad fact that in the area I live, racism against black and Hispanic people is so prevalent that people I work with don’t even realize some of the things they are saying are racist! I work with a white girl who says “My friend was raped by a black guy, that’s why I don’t like black people…because I’m afraid of what they’ll do.” So I told her “If your friend was raped by a white guy, would you be scared of all white people?” And she looked at me like I was the crazy person! What is wrong with people??? When I said I thought a guy at work was cute (and he is way past cute…people should not be allowed to look as good as this guy does!), I received the reply: “Amy, he’s a Mexican!” Like I should be ashamed of myself or something! I just replied “A) He’s not Mexican, he’s from Argentina…there are a lot of miles that separate those two places. And B) I don’t care if he’s a two headed swamp monster from Jupiter, as long as those two heads look that good, I am totally going to try and make out with both of his faces!”
    Here’s how I feel, there are enough people who, as individuals, will make you hate them, that if I disqualified entire races, I wouldn’t like damn anybody…that’s a lonely place to be! So sure, there are black people, Hispanic people, Chinese people, and white people who I strongly dislike…as individuals…not because they are black, Hispanic, Chinese or white…but because they are douche bags. If I disqualified all those races because of one or two jerks, I would be missing out on a whole lot of love from a whole lot of really good, kind, nice people! And I am selfish, I want all the love I can get!


  4. coconutspeak says:

    I wish you much success.


  5. kzackuslheureux says:

    AWESOME POST!!!! Couldn’t agree more!


  6. It is sad how pride has grown in many religions and belief systems, exalting themselves beyond any true measure of love. And the media has distorted the truth, and people follow blindly forgetting what they believe in their hearts.

    Your post is a great reminder for love. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and love.


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