Movies, Film, Cinematic Wonders – What’s The Difference?

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Life, Love, sex, Society
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Since I talked about music yesterday, movies is next. One disclosure, I am married to a script analyst/screenwriter. His script is in the development stage at this point.

Rather than give a list of favorite films, I’ll give you a list of funny, powerful, scary and downright interesting ones. Again, I ask my readers to pass out a few of their notable movies.

Funny Movies

Animal House – you can never go wrong with booze, sex and a dead horse getting his legs sawed off. The Philadelphia Story – Cary Grant shoving Katherine Hepburn’s face is priceless. It’s a Wonderful Life – ‘He’s making violent love to me’ is the best damn line. How to Marry a Millionaire –  Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall are brilliant comic actresses. Bacall even comically references her husband Humphrey Bogart.

Dramas – with or without comedy

The Color Purple – music is palpable, heartache and redemption drives me to tears every time. Monster’s Ball – the human suffering is visceral and the acting by Oscar winner Halle Berry is out of this world. Life is Beautiful – made me fall in love with Roberto Benigni and the message that a perfect love can save us all.  Schindler’s List – Last scene with Liam Neeson breaking down and then being supported by the factory workers gets me every time. Now Voyager – I think, is Bette Davis’ greatest film. Precious –  Gabourey Sidibe, Mo’Nique and Mariah Carey have a final scene that would drive anyone to gallons of tears and fits of anger.

Horror & Thriller Movies

The Blob (original one with Steve McQueen) – couldn’t eat jello for years! The Exorcist – It’s evil on film. Enough said. Alien and Aliens – It is bad ass Ripley that keeps me hooked. Hostel & Hostel 2 – I am a sick and twisted person, oh well. Jaws – Robert Shaw’s Indianapolis monologue is the greatest scene ever!


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