Now that ‘true summer’ is over. By the way, ‘true summer’ to me means no school.  I was reflecting on my youthful summer adventures, activities and miscellaneous events.

I fondly remember my sister Carmen and I making sun tea and egg salad sandwiches. We would also climbed trees, clothesline poles (to get to the roof of the house) and treehouse ladders.

We use to crank up the radio and sing along to The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Blondie, The Doobie Brothers, The Police and Hall & Oates. I was in love with Sting, Michael McDonald and Daryl Hall.

I was a silly pre-teen at the time. My world consisted of my house and the local park. Carmen and I were convinced that we could dig a hole into the sand box that could go to the center of the earth.

As a teen, I had a friend with a coveted car. I remember a bunch of us girls flashing our breasts to guys driving by on Pacific Coast Highway. Boy, was that fun!

We were all obsessed with MTV, arcades, Duran Duran, hair gel and boys. My friends and I hung out at a local burger haunt, Denny’s, the beach and The Mall.

I also remember going to camp. I fell in love with a gorgeous lifeguard, but never got the nerve to say or do anything about it. I wanted to be like Sally Field’s Gidget, but I wasn’t. I was just a kid.

Summer was also a time I read quite a bit. The American presidents, Roman, Greek and Egyptian mythology came alive to me via encyclopedias.

Now that I’m 43, summer does feel like summer anymore. That time was magical, adventurous and fleeting. I hope kids today feel that way about it.

  1. kzackuslheureux says:

    I live for summer! Preferably for camping in the summer! 🙂


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