It occurred to me that my recent posts on both my blogs have been confrontational and heavy-handed. My motivation for doing that is to provoke or incite emotion, thought and dialogue.

That said, I must admit to a few of my core beliefs. I firmly believe that our nation benefits from having conservatives, moderates and liberals in appointed and elected offices.

There are things about Republicans I really admire and things I don’t. Please bear in mind that like the Democrats, changes in ideology happened throughout history.

Teddy Roosevelt established the national parks system and was an avid conservationist. Although Roosevelt had been a Sunday school teacher, he believed strongly in the separation of Church and State.

While taking the oath of office during his inauguration after McKinley’s assassination, he did not swear on the Bible. Lincoln freed the slaves and was for women’s right to vote.

Eisenhower, as one of the best Republican presidents, expanded Social Security and even helped create the Department of Health, Education and Welfare.  He also authorized the Interstate Highway System.

I guess what I’m saying is, not every religious person is moral. Not every politician can be judged by his political label. We need a clear picture of our elected official’s character.

How do we get this? Disclosure of 5 years of tax returns helps. Definitive answers to reporters questions would be nice. Criticizing with your balls and not your brains doesn’t help.

Transparency, honesty, intellect and class need to be evident in our elected officials. They represent us. The world judges us by who we vote for. Lets not ever forget that.

  1. gpicone says:

    I agree. We need leaders willing to stand up and be who they are not who they are told to pretend to be. Then at least we can make an informed choice.


  2. I don’t really like “the party line” much either. Neither party is really out for the best, they just spin things around and hope the people are too stupid to make an informed choice. Loosely linking polls and/or study results, rigging polls and studies to get the results they want and claiming that their position is backed by said weak study or poll. Both sides are guilty, and I hold both (at least internally and in conversation) accountable for their actions.
    I hope my comments haven’t caused you to second-guess posting things. Not my intention at all; just mature discussion.


  3. coconutspeak says:

    Not at all. I am all for the voicing of opinions, even when they go against my opinions. Opposition is vital in a true democracy. Polls and studies are distractions, in my opinion. Show me black and white, undisputed data to show that policies are working or not.


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