This Labor Day Weekend marks the end of summer, hence freedom for many kids. The daily grind of teachers, homework, tests, cliques, self-image and fashion worries will descend upon the minds of many unsuspecting students.

God help them all! My mind is on the high schoolers, for some reason. I think it’s because I saw my freshman year as the be-clever-or-die period. Which would explain why I never dated freshmen.

At the other end of the spectrum were the high school seniors, they looked and sounded like 25 year olds to me. A senior’s mind is on parties, yearbooks, sports, vacations abroad and sex, lots of sex.

Not just ‘high school’ sex, wild ‘frat party’ sex is going to drive them insane (unless you’re going to a private college run by Catholics, Mormons or Evangelicals)!

Those that went away from home to go to school felt idealistic, mature and optimistic. It’s a great start for someone who may or may not stay for the intended 4 years. Then there are those who will go into the military or travel aimlessly for a year.

Last but not least, the kids who will be the first in their very ethnic family to graduate high school and will not see a classroom again. They will support their single parent and younger siblings.

They will hang out with their friends, work very hard and dream about leaving their station in life. Some will join gangs and die. Some will live in a poverty box and be grateful.

I want to tell all high school freshmen to relax, they’re fine. They might tell me to screw myself! I want to tell all high school seniors not to get credit cards because the bill collectors will drive them to suicide.

The magic of summertime has dwindled down to an observation for me. Maybe it’s because I’m not kid anymore. I haven’t been a kid in over two decades.

I have no kids of my own. I can only comment on my life experiences. Still, I wonder. Will all these kids be alright? I hope so. They deserve a fair shot.

  1. Doris says:

    Nice, hey like the new picture, you look lovely.


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