Grover Norquist, founder of  Americans for Tax Reform, was recently interviewed by 60 Minutes. Amongst a lot of things that ticked me off about Mr. Norquist, one stood out.

His main ambition was to shrink government to where we had at the turn of the century (1900 not 2000). Lets make a list of problems that emanated from the lack of government from 1900 to 1930.

1. ‘Jim Crow’ laws and KKK (America’s first terrorist group), killed, oppressed and intimidated thousands of African-Americans into not voting. Federal law enforcement would have been nice back then.

2. Adults and children (over the age of 7) were prosecuted, convicted and jailed together. The young victims of molestation were accused of seducing adults.

3. Young children were the new ‘slaves’ of the American labor force. Thousands of children were maimed, killed and denied schooling.

4. Lack of government regulation contributed to the Stock Market Crash. Sound familiar?

5. Without patents where would American inventors be?

6. Organized crime was unable to bribe their way through federal law enforcement and prosecutors. Local government officials were in mobsters’ back pockets.

7. Women who were pregnant due to rape and incest died in back alleys from ‘dirty’ abortions.

8. Mandatory sanitation and groundwater protection would have prevented the death of countless Americans. Cholera, Smallpox, The flu and many other diseases were the end results.

9. Slaughterhouses were the breeding grounds of many gastrointestinal ailments and deaths.

10. It was federal funding that maintained and repaired bridges and highways, preserved our National Parks and stopped unlawful dumping on our beaches and lakes.

Those that call themselves Conservatives need to ask themselves, what am I conserving? If the answer is ‘American’ traditions, wake up. Not all of them are good.

America is not a pure-as-the driven-snow bastion of justice. Anyone that believes that is blind, crazy or stupid. Corrupt people have and still do con the masses for the bottom line, their personal gain.

It is human nature to evolve. Living in the past is not evolving. Suppression of the human heart and mind is shortsighted and futile.

  1. At this point, conservatives aren’t really “conserving” anything; that’s just a line for political debates. It holds no value. What conservatives generally want, is for people to work hard, make it on their own, stop ALL discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, religion (or lack of), adherence to the Constitution, and religion. Remember, it was the Democrats/liberals who wanted to, and fought, to keep slavery legal in the United States.
    I’d be interested in seeing your figures for how many women were raped and died as the result of a “back alley abortion”.
    There’s a fine line between capitalism and socialism. Too much regulation and the economy will fail. Too little and it will fail or create a horrible divide between income levels (also referred to as classes for those who engage in class warfare). There isn’t anything wrong with how much people are taxed right now; the government needs to spend less. Asking us to give them more money when they’re already operating in a deficit, and continuously asking for more tax money, isn’t the answer. I’d like to say that generally on the personal level, the answer would be to cut spending and increase income; however, with fuel prices high and job rate high, asking people who pay taxes to pay more isn’t going to do any good.
    We must stay rooted in where we come from, lest we forget and go back to a monarchy, or oligarchy, in which the rulers are above the law. We’re already halfway there.


  2. coconutspeak says:

    I think it’s important to remember that President Lincoln’s Republican party is nothing like today’s Republican party. I will concede that the Dems of the Civil War era were rabid racists, but again they are completely different from today’s Democrats. As far as “back alley abortion”, there was no way to accurately poll women on such a taboo subject at the time it was happening. The people that did it were breaking the law. Who would admit to such a thing? We know it happened becuase of gynocological exams, autopsies and testimonies past on within woman to woman relationships. As far as taxes and regulations, my feeling is that lack of both is dangerous. By the way, Reagan raised taxes several times. I thought he was the Republican deity.


    • I wouldn’t call him the deity; and I’m not a republican. I’m just closer to their platform than the democrats, that and they seem to want to leave my rights unregulated whereas most of the democrat politicians want it regulated and/or eliminated (think 2nd Amendment).
      The only political party I belong to is America. I don’t need a party title to have an opinion, nor do I want to only socialize with like-minded people. I enjoy hearing the other side of an issue from someone passionate about it. If nothing else, I know a bit more about the other side of the issue than before.


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