My Better Heart Loves Gays

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Life, Love, Politics, Religion, Society
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There are many phobias in the world. I am plagued by a few of them, but not homophobia. Homophobes, I think, are really just reality-dodgers and hate mongers.

Heterosexuals have harmed me, in one way or another, all my life. In contrast, gays have often times protected me. I always knew what the Bible said about this issue, but I didn’t care.

My logic was that God was a loving god and he wants us to be good to each other. Flawed and political men wrote, edited and deciphered the Bible. How could a book with so many variables be taken literally?

When I was around 6 years old, my cross-dressing neighbor hid me in his house while gun-toting gang members terrorized the neighborhood. He didn’t hurt me. He was kind and silly.

When it was safe, he walked me home. I’ll never forget it. He wore a flowered blouse and jeans. When I asked him why he dressed like that, he said he liked pretty things. It was good enough for me.

I made friends easily with gays and lesbians. When I heard about Florida allowing same-sex couples to foster kids but not adopt them, I was furious. I have always been against discrimination.

I can’t understand why radical bigots exist. Why do people put so much effort into oppressing or abusing others while calling themselves Christians? Jesus would never behave like that.

It’s one thing not liking a particular group, but to focus your energy on exacting punishment on them is insane. Such people can’t be happy, ever. It makes me think that they might be gay themselves and are trying to prove that their not.

When religious leaders turn into hate mongers, it’s proof of Satan’s existence. I often go back and forth with being angry and feeling pity for those infected with hate, bigotry and fear.

It makes me glad that I have no hate in my heart. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and discovery. I don’t just look for beauty either. I look for truth, whether it be ugly or beautiful.

My brothers and sisters are many and they live everywhere. That makes them relevant, interesting and valuable. I wish bigots could be dropped into a foreign land with no resources.

How would they handle it? I would handle it with humility and a willingness to learn. Where a bigot would see a problem, I would see an opportunity.

  1. chicapoet says:

    I really do hope that one day, gays and lesbians are allowed the same rights as heterosexuals. The government and church don’t have a right to tell someone how they should live. It’s a personal choice,a way of life–something that they were born feeling.

    I think such unfair measures makes them feel guilty and unwanted, and no wonder that some of choose to end their lives because no one accepts just the way they are.

    I think everyone has a relative, a friend or co-worker who is gay or a lesbian; and this helps people out a lot because you get to first hand, how friendly and warm they really are. Their people, just like you an me, and though we may choose to live our lives differently, one is no better than the other.

    Thanks for this post.


  2. A touching story from your youth. God doesn’t hate anyone, he loves us all, wherever we put our penises or vaginas ha ha.


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