Repeatedly Violated

Posted: August 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Why do woman have to be repeatedly raped? When I say repeatedly raped, I mean a group of people linked to a woman’s physical violation committed by one person. Let me explain.

Rape happens, in whatever scenario.  Socially-conscious, justice-seeking victim goes to the hospital. She takes the ‘morning after’ pill and gives blood to test for disease.

Then she gives permission for a rape kit . Legs are spread, revealing the recently violated vagina and sometimes anus to a stranger (unintentional rapist #2) who inserts swabs to get samples and pictures are taken of the violated areas.

Next, police come and take a statement. Depending on how well-trained the police officer and/or detective is at interviewing a rape victim, this process could be heartlessly clinical or humanely reassuring.

‘Did he cum in you?’ ‘Did you say no?’ ‘What were you wearing?’ ‘Did you cum?’ ‘How long did it last?’ What did you do afterwards?’ ‘Have you had intercourse with anyone else before or after the incident? Yes, they can call the rape an ‘incident’!

And then you have to talk to more members of law enforcement! Officers, detectives, ADA, ADA investigators …. on and on (unintentional rapists # 3 to ?).

Then you go to trial (maybe), tell your disgusting story to more strangers (jurists, judge)  Then get verbally raped by the defense attorney as your primary rapist smiles. The ADA may offer a plea bargain. Rapist #1 may take it.

You go to therapy for the rest of your life! Then one day, you turn on your TV and see a Republican congressman calling into question if rape is legitimate.

Even if everyone (minus the sex offender) is as nice and caring as possible, what the victim feels is a repeated violation.  When a lawmaker uses wording to minimize rape on TV and in sponsored bills in Congress, all women become afraid.

Not good enough that rapists get inside women’s bodies, now a bunch of old, socially blinded, white guys want to rape us with their laws!

  1. Jason Alan says:

    I understand what you’re saying but how else are they going to catch the rapist?


    • coconutspeak says:

      I’m not saying that it isn’t necessary. It is necessary, but at the same time traumatic to the victim. That is why I said that the victim is socially-conscious. She knows that the rapist must be brought to justice. I was also refering to Todd Akin’s policy on legislation he co-sponored.’Legitimate’ or ‘forceable’ should never go before the word rape in speech, much less in law. He’s guilty of both.


  2. coconutspeak says:

    Not just redundant, but it calls into question what he was thinking when he use that word in legislation. Is it a term a lawyer can use when defending a rapist? Absolutely. That is the scary part.


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