Real Beauty

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Love, Mexico, Nature
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When I was a kid I lived in the macho Chicano East Los Angeles barrio and (other end of the spectrum) middle class, white Pasadena neighborhood. My definition of what a beautiful person was, changed regularly.  My first love, was my Mexican mother.

She looked like an angel to me. Elizabeth Taylor had nothing on my mom! Even my mother’s scent of cajeta, frijoles, Shalimar, sweat and ‘Mommie’ essence made her more beautiful to me.

Then, we moved to Pasadena and culture shock set in. White people were amazing! Blonde and auburn hair, blue, green, hazel eyes and they were thin! My mother wasn’t thin. She wasn’t huge either.

Latinas had curves galore. Blessed with a sexy paunch, Salsa-loving hips, jaw-dropping tush and make-a-man-beg boobs, Latinas were worshipped! That said, I think I like Gringos more back then.

As I grew older amongst many cultures, my definition of beautiful changed. Biracial (African-American and anything else) looked (still does) beautifully exotic to me.

Then those from Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asians, senior citizens telling stories, men with children on their shoulders, parents kissing in front of giddy kids are extraordinarily beautiful and it didn’t stop there.

Intellect was and is beautiful. Still more beauty was sought and found amongst the generously kind, childishly silly, painfully vulnerable, knowledge seeking and finding, child-cherishing people than all the sculptures, paintings, landmarks and gardens this world has to offer.

That is what makes this world great. Humanity (bumps, lumps, flaws and all) is brilliantly beautiful. I was always one to reject the paved highway of life. Instead, I prefered to venture out onto the rocky road to a wilderness unknown.

Now, what constitutes an ugly person? Possessors of the following characteristics are ugly: fake laughs, fake smiles, shortsightedness, cockiness, self-imposed ignorance, prideful bigotry, cruelty, sadism, all-consuming hatred, life-crippling passivity, love rejecting and war mongering.

Lets focus on the beautiful. My abuelito (grandpa) hugging me and not stopping til I said I couldn’t breathe. My abuelita (grandma) stroking my hair and telling me what a good wife I’ll make.

Then of course, the love of my life, my husband Scott. He is the air that I breathe, the laugh in my heart and my partner in crime.  He’s perfectly beautiful and so am I.

  1. dreya07 says:

    Hello, you had stopped by my blog and you wanted my opinion on your work well I love your post. I read three of your blog post and I like how you are honest with your material just like myself! I shall return for your next post. Thank you for coming by my blog as well, greatly appreciated =)


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