New Religion

Posted: August 16, 2012 in poetry
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We live in a cookie cutter, sound bite world when it comes to perceptions. Especially political ones. Sometimes these perceptions are self-imposed. At some point or another, we all fall victim to them.

Republican are rich, greedy, war mongers that hate Mexicans! I grew up on this ideology. Is it true? Depends on who you ask. Democrats are uppity, bleeding heart, troop-hating hippies that smoke pot. Again, is this true ? Depends on who you ask.

I consider myself to be a very Liberal Democrat. I am a California girl, Mexican-American, who was raised in poverty by my single mother. My siblings and I were on welfare (i.e. food stamps and Medi-Cal) but my mother worked 3 jobs.

There goes the theory that welfare mothers are lazy. I was in charge of cooking meals and washing my mother’s uniforms. At night, I massaged her feet and back.  I curled and styled her hair for church on Sundays. No money for beauty salons.

Yes, the Democrat is a Christian! I am also a survivor of molestation. I believe in the death penalty for child killers, serial murderers and police killers. I am for stricter gun control. I am Pro Choice, of course.

I also love, love, love our military.  They and their families are the true heroes of America. Nothing should be denied them. That said, I don’t want them sent out to war on a whim.

My life has forged out my politics. I know people from all walks of life. I have had friendships with Christians, Jews, Muslims and Atheists. And I want my country to accept all of them.

I think it’s easy to forget our history and this is where we, as Americans, falter. Europeans were being persecuted because of their religious beliefs. So they came here to live by their rules. Yet today, we have churches, mosques and temple burnings and vandalism.

For nearly 300 years, slaves were worked to death, beaten, raped and separated from their families. Millions were made by such means. Still, the Confederate flag flies. How Christian is that policy?

Who is protecting our children? Why are parents hesitant to talk about sex to their kids? Why are fathers unwilling to actually raise them? Why do girls have sex? Easy, they want to be loved. Daddy didn’t love or see them.

I don’t believe in free anything. It’s a myth in my opinion. There is a consequence for all that we do and don’t do. Accountability needs to be the new religion. How I wish that a political, civic or community leader would just admit that he was wrong and apologize.

It never happens. A show of weakness or insecurity is the ultimate sin, for some reason. It shouldn’t be. We are all weak and wrong at some point in our lives. We must admit and learn from our mistakes.

We are individuals with unique ideas, bad theories, silly dreams and brilliant hopes. It’s time for us to embrace it.

  1. oakworld says:

    Accountability – The New Religion, Well Said!


  2. oakworld says:

    Reblogged this on OAK.


  3. mixedupmeme says:

    I like how you state what you believe and feel in strong bold language. When you write out your thoughts they become so much clearer.

    And yes, when we are wrong………..rethink and rewrite. Don’t have to keep the old when the new is better.

    Everyone will never agree on everything. We just want to be allowed to say it and allow others to say their thoughts too…..without harming anyone or forcing anyone to believe in a certain way.


  4. Jnana Hodson says:

    You point toward true religion when you speak of accountability. As you say, “We are all weak and wrong at some point in our lives. We must admit and learn from our mistakes.”
    This also demands honesty and self-honesty. When it comes to the Holy One, there’s nowhere we can hide. So who are we trying to fool?
    In religion, these moments of accountability are often called repentance — or turning, as in turning from wrong. As in returning to love and to grace.


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