Hispanic Men and My Bigotry

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I mentioned, in previous posts, my view of Hispanic men.  This is my attempt to exam why I never wanted or had a romantic relationship with a Latino.  I am happily married to an Irish descent New Yorker  and wish to stay that way.  I just want to raise the issue.

As a young child, I found Chicanos (aka Vatos, aka Latinos)  to be limited in their contributions to society. I was not proud of them in the least.  I feared and pitied them at the same time.

Even as a teenager, I was never tempted to go out with Hispanic boys. I found it right to not trust them.  If made to prove it in court, my evidence against trusting Hispanic boys and men would be as follows:

1.  My father (Mexican) left my mother with no money, highly delinquent rent due, no utilities, 3 small children (Carmen was a newborn) and pawned my mother’s wedding ring. He also never paid child support.

2. My grandmother’s first husband (Mexican) not only cheated, he had a second family in another town!

3. My Chicano neighbors in East Los Angeles  beat and cheated on their wives all the time.

4. Vatos in East Los Angeles were gang members, killed people, did drugs, robbed and made babies that they never willingly supported.

Still,  I should not paint all Hispanic men with the same brush.  I know several good Hispanic men and I love them dearly.

My grandfather (Mexican) was an honorable, loving and hard-working man.  He worked well into his 90’s and left this world with his mind and character intact.

My male cousins and uncles (Mexican and Mexican-American) are devoted fathers, husbands and working professionals.  They are a credit to their communities on both sides of the border.

There are several political and civic Hispanic leaders here in the US that can be trusted as well.  So why should I be biased?   I ask myself this because I don’t really want to be a bigot.

Perhaps it was because I got cat calls from Hispanic gardeners as they drove by in trucks.  Those sexual gestures with their tongues and fingers were disgusting!  Or maybe it was having to cross the street so that I didn’t have to walk by the Vatos?

Or maybe it’s because I was victimized by a Hispanic man.  He looked like the devil to me.  He was Mexican-America, an ordained minister and had a PhD in psychology.

Still, not all Hispanic men are bad.  I have to remember there is evil, immorality and distastefulness everywhere.  It comes in many colors, ideologies and genders.  I guess it boils down to trust.  So rather than not endorse dating a Latino, I can endorse dating a good man.

  1. Doris says:

    I am Mexican and my father too, he was the nicest person I know, he treated my mother like she was the most beautiful thing in the world, my brothers are the same way,
    but I do understand your point of view (I live close to the border and is different here and each situation can be different). Love the ending, love is not about race or ethnicity is about being with some one who loves you and some one you can trust.


  2. Doris says:

    I am here, and now I understand your story, but have to continue, have to finish all your blog 😉


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