El Salto, Durango Mexico via Me

Posted: August 4, 2012 in Mexico
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As I young girl growing up in East L.A., my perceptions of what was Mexican was way off base.  The food, I got that. The Spanish, too much to think about.

The people, I saw as painfully flawed.  Mexico, I thought, was a desert nation void of indoor plumbing, beauty, technology and morality (government and people).  Such are the thoughts of an American girl who knows little to nothing about the world.

When I went to live with my grandparents for a year, I got a good look at my Mexico.  The pictures show the place where I vacationed with my family.  These are the mountains of Durango.

I had no idea it could snow in Mexico.  In the spring and summer my uncle took us to his cabin in the woods 10 miles from the town of El Salto. The downside was, my uncle had to pay off a soldier on the drive there.  It had electricity, gas, indoor plumbing and a satellite dish.

I slept in a loft covered in wool blankets. I was prone to leaving the cabin early in the morning and picking flowers in wide open meadows.  I hiked with my cousins to the waterfalls and we would walk past red clay dirt covered in moss.  Sitting on a mist covered rock, while getting sprayed by the falls, was heaven.

None of us spoke.  Nothing had to be said.  I just felt closer to God.  I was happily wrong about Mexico.


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