Mas Familia

Posted: July 28, 2012 in Mexico
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My Tia Ana was kind enough to occassionally bust me out of Abuelita’s prison.  Tia Ana was the eldest of my grandmother’s children.  My mother saw my Tia Ana more as a motherly figure than a sister.

Tia Ana reprimanded my abuelita for dressing me like some ‘old lady’ when I was presented with a dowdy tweed skirt. Boy, did I love my Tia Ana!  She was old enough and brave enough to confront my abuelita.

Tia Ana’s children, from her only husband, were Patty, Ana Luisa and my beloved Hugo.  I love them all.  The lot of them were funny as hell, kind and generous with their time.

My Tia Ana, Patty and Ana Luisa were the first to transform me into a young lady.   They purchased make-up, jeans, adorable tops and heels. I had never walked in heels before and it was a daunting task! They laughed at my futile efforts of trying to look like a runway model.  I had to join them.

Patty had her, then boyfriend and now husband, Ruben.  I liked him.  He was a giant teddy bear. Ana Luisa took me out to movies, clubs and restaurants with her friends (male and female).

Although I was only 14, I was much taller and curvaceous  than my cousins.  So when one of Ana Luisa’s male friends hit on me, I was beyond shocked.  Ana Luisa laughed and advised the surprised fellow of my actual age.  He quickly apologized.

That incident would be play a huge role in how I saw myself for years to come.  The message was clear.  I can pass for a woman and forget about being a girl.

This new way of thinking could not be utilized in Mexico.  I wanted my family to love me and they might not if I became too coqueta (flirtatious).  So I kept that feeling in my back pocket.

My other aunt , Tia Maria Luisa, was married to my wealthy uncle Miguel. Tio Miguel made his money by owning a trucking company. He started with nothing and turned into a millionaire (US dollars).  He was , like his wife, kind , funny and generous.

Tia Maria Luisa was funny, loving and beautiful.  It was easy to love her.  Tia Maria Luisa had three sons and no daughters.  So, she doted on me and I was grateful.

Cousin Gustavo, was a doctor and married to another doctor, Alicia.  To this day, they are happily married and very loving to each other and their kids.   My cousin joked with his wife habitually.  She was just as crazy as he was.  Match made in heaven!

Gustavo’s brothers were very withdrawn, shy and studious.  Luis Miguel, I think, was some sort of engineer.  Emilio was so shy, even with his cousin!  I don’t recall what he did, except of course, play soccer.  That’s fine, Tavo (short for Gustavo)  was the best of them, as far as I was concerned.

He was yet another example of a more than decent Mexican male.  Just like Hugo, I couldn’t help but admire, love and respect him.  My Latino loathing wall was coming down brick by brick.



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