Pasadena Gringa

Posted: July 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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My motivations for wanting to be a gringa were logical for my elementary brain.

Everybody either feared or loved a gringa. She was the ‘Godfather’ on a mafioso schoolyard. She didn’t do the dirty work. She had her minions do it for her.

Gringas looked like Barbie and smelled like cotton candy, lemonade and spring flowers. Gringas were always chased by gringos and they were beautiful. Cruel but beautiful. Gringas never worried about money, clothes, utility bills and their future. If they did, it never showed.

Lastly, gringas never got into trouble. I was sure of it. Whereas, I not only got into trouble but I resided there. The wrong look could get me a black eye or bruise or worse.

Field Elementary did possess a few angels. I had a biracial (black and white) teacher with blonde hair. She was kind enough to explain to me the concept of being black when she looked white. This conversation was prompted by the introduction to her very black husband. Boy was I lucky, she understood my ignorance and took pity on me.

My other angel was my Welsh math teacher. He was lovely old man. I was in love with his accent and smiling eyes. Often times, I wished he was my father. He was very kind, patient and generous with his praises.

Slowly but surely, I began to collect friends from various backgrounds. Still, I wanted to pass for white. White was alright and brown made you frown. That was my mantra, while in school.

Everywhere else, I spoke Espanol with perfect diction and no slang. Sounding like a chola was a sin in Maria’s presence. I had to make her happy. She was the only parent I had left.

Needless to say, my schoolmates were never invited to my house. I can’t pull that off with Maria around! I’d look schizophrenic to the lot of them. Thankfully, my mother never ask me to bring them over. She had her hands full with the kids she had. Who needs to bring in more?

  1. I like how u described the gringas 🙂


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