Mas Coconut ….

Posted: July 20, 2012 in Uncategorized
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As a child, I was often advised of social rules that could or couldn’t help me maneuver through the barrio and ‘white’ neighborhoods of my Southern California world.

Always remembering, I have to be Chicana and pass for white (depending on the zip code). Dualities were, at this point, nothing new to me. More labels, roles and self-imposed images where going to come up later.

Boys don’t like it if you know too much. Yet another rule! Since when did Vatos care about what I thought or knew? Just by looking at them, I knew they would become irrelevant. And there begins my loathing of Vatos, Chicanos, Latinos and basic brown-skinned male scum. White t-shirts, khaki pants, hair nets and bandanas – they stick out like a sore thumb. God, I hated them.

The decision was made. I would never be with one of them. I thought too much of myself to be a Vato’s vieja. So smile and be polite, I told myself. Flirt but never, ever give them sex or love. I was convinced that they were inept with both.

  1. seriously they all are wore the SAME outfit lol…plus the nikes.


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